General Conditions of Contract for Translators

(According to the Guidelines of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (registered society)

1. Area of Applicability

(1) These general terms and conditions apply for contracts between the translator and his client, unless some other regulation has been specifically agreed upon or is indispensably required by law.

(2)General terms and conditions of the client are only binding for the translator if these have been explicitly accepted.

2. Scope of the translation order

The translation will be provided according to the basic principles of proper practice. The client receives the contractually agreed version of the translation.

3. The client's obligation to cooperate and duty of disclosure

(1) The client shall inform the translator in due time with regard to special translation specifications (translation on data medium, number of copies, printing presentation, appearance of translation, etc.) If the translation is intended to be printed, the client shall submit a proof to the translator.

(2) Information and documents that are necessary for the creation of the translation must be provided by the client in a timely manner and without request (client's glossary, drawings, tables, abbreviations, etc).

(3) Costs of errors that result due to non-compliance with these obligations will not be borne by the translator.

4. Correction of faults

(1) The translator reserves the right to correct any faults. The client is entitled to the removal of faults that might be contained in the translation. The entitlement to the removal of faults must be asserted by the client with exact specifications of the fault(s).

If the rectification of faults or a compensation delivery of the translation fails, the legal warranty rights come into effect, if no other agreement has been reached.

5. Liability

The translator is liable in cases of gross negligence or intent. The liability in case of slight negligence is only applicable if essential contractual obligations have been violated.

6. Professional Secrecy

The translator commits himself to maintain strict silence regarding all facts that become known to him in conjunction with his performance for the client.

7. Fees

(1) Payment is due immediately after the delivered translation has been accepted. The acceptance period must be adequate.

(2)In addition to the agreed fee, the translator is entitled to reimbursement of the expenses that have actually accrued and that have been agreed with the client. The translator has a right to demand an advance payment for large-scale translations when it is objectively necessary for the realization of the translation. In justified cases the translator can make the transferal of his work dependant on the previous payment of his entire remuneration.

(3) If the amount of the fee is not agreed, a payment that is customary and appropriate to the type and degree of difficulty of the translation is due. In this case, at least those rates listed under law for compensation of witnesses and experts apply as appropriate and customary.

8. Reservation of Ownership and Copyright

(1) The translation remains the property of the translator until the complete payment has been made. Until then, the client has no right of use.

(2) The translator reserves the copyright.

9. Applicable Law

(1) German law applies for the order and for all resulting claims.

(2)The efficacy of these terms and conditions is not affected by the invalidity and inefficacy of individual conditions.

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